TMZ is reporting that Scottie Pippen attacked a fan in Malibu this weekend but that it was in self-defense and only after the man called him the n-word and then spit at him!

Sources close to Pippen tell TMZ, that the man was drunk, and that he had been a bug-a-boo the entire time that Scottie was there. He was trying to get Scottie’s attention while Pippen was attempting to enjoy dinner with his friends at Nobu.

After one of Scottie’s friends left the table to go to the bathroom the man actually got up and came over to Scottie’s table and sat in the guest’s place!  He furthered his restaurant stalking of  Pippen with question after question of the NBA Super Star. Scottie was reportedly polite and nicely asked the man to bounce.

Pippen was even kind enough to take a pic  with the guy outside the restaurant but then the man continued to be aggressive, demanding an autograph as well. TMZ reports that when Pippen refused to give him an autograph the man dropped the n-bomb, shoved the NBA legend, then spat at him.

Sources close to Pippen reported to TMZ that the spit landed on Scottie’s young daughter! At that point Pippen lost his shizz and let the guy have it!

As we reported, the supposed victim left the scene in an ambulance. Scottie Pippen spoke with police but was not arrested.


The picture says it all! The guy is lucky it took Scottie as long as it did to respond. It could have been much worse.


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