As we previously reported, Paula Deen took to the “Today Show” to beg for forgiveness yesterday morning. However, at the end of her statement she used a phrase that is now swirling around the itnernets at warp speed. Why? Well because part of a phrase that she used hails from an old racist joke! You can not make this junk up! “I is what I is and I’m not changing,” she told host Matt Lauer.

Check her out in the video below. has reported that the “I is what I is” line that Paula used is actually a punchline to a notorious racist joke titled ’Black Or White God?’

The joke, goes like this:

There was a black guy and a white guy.

They were debating over whether god was white or black.

The white guy said that there was only one way to find out and that is to


So they go up on a hill and they pray, and pray, and pray.

Finally they hear a voice say, “I am what I am.”

The white guy jumps up, and says, “Aha, I told you he was white.”

The black guy jumps up and says, “What do you mean? That didn’t prove


“Yes it did. Because if he was black he would’ve said I is what I is.”

Doh! Who goes on national television to beg people to believe they are not a racist and argues their own case by using the punchline from a racist joke to do it?!

Deen has lost more supporters today. She has currently been dropped by; Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Smithfield, The Food Networks, Caesar’s Entertainment and as of today QVC.

We would suggest she do herself and everyone else a favor and just stop talking all together.


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