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“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” viewers were disgusted when Kirk Frost, manager and husband to rapper Rasheeda, asked his wife to get an abortion when she announced she was pregnant. fans of the show called him everything but the name his mother gave him. He and Rasheeda gave an interview to an Atlanta radio station where Kirk tried to explain himself.

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Kirk said the reason he asked for an abortion was because there were a lot of things going on in their lives that the camera didn’t catch. On top of that, the couple is still dealing with the infidelities that have permeated their marriage in the past. “I mean if you feeling a certain kind of way…At that moment in time, it was a lot going on. It’s so long to explain. It was one of them things where I was saying what’s on my mind, I was pissed off about a few things. Then Rasheeda mom all in the marriage. I mean I was like ‘Come on, it’s between me and you [Rasheeda.] You paying some bills over here? Let me handle mine,” the reality star said.

After Kirk said his piece, Rasheeda responded by explaining why she went to speak to her mother about the problems in her union with Kirk. As with any person, Rasheeda went to her mother about her and Kirk’s marital problems because that’s her mother and she needed advice. She, then, went off on Kirk for even thinking she would cheat on him. Once she did all of that, Kirk revealed he had cheated on Rasheeda before and even fathered a child with another woman while he was with Rasheeda.

Kirk admitted, “Here’s an example for me. This is one of my examples. And I know everybody gone be like ‘Ahh, what that got to do with…’ Let’s see, three years ago, all of a sudden, I get a phone call right? Somebody says ‘Yo, I need you to go take a blood test. I think this child may be yours.’ So another man is raising a child, I go take the little swab test, come back and it’s my son. So I found out I had a kid three years ago. But for me, as a guy…You can’t just always believe in what a woman tell you just because [she’s your wife.]…Somebody else just raised my kid ’til he was almost 18 years old. He just found out that I’m his father…It’s women in general. You gotta understand…Listen, why not check and make sure a child is yours? Why not?”

Rasheeda has forgiven Kirk for his infidelity and his insecurities. They are currently working on their marriage and we’re not sure if they’re contractually obligated to say that on the radio. No shots, but with all of that cheating and accusations flying around, that marriage seems like it been on the rocks for longer than the couple is willing to let on. We shall see.



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