Old canines may be resistant to learning new methods, but cool cats like Big Daddy Kane always find new ways to reinvent themselves.  The hip-hop veteran embarked on a new leg of his music journey by joining forces with singer Showtyme and band The Lifted Crew to create a new group called Las Supper.  Their debut album “Back To The Future” was released this spring and they will be performing at this year’s annual Essence Music Festival.

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So what’s behind that biblical name Las Supper? Is this some new wave gospeldellic experience?

“We recorded the album in six days and on the seventh day we rested. Hence the last supper,” Kane explains with a smile. “Basically it’s saying that for those that love vintage soul and vintage hip-hop at a time in music today where it seems that soulful flavor is going out the door, this is what we’re bringing to to you. We’re telling you to go ahead and eat up because this might be the last supper.”

Watch as Kane, Showtyme, Nicky Cake and Joey Mega talk about how the group came together and how this whole experience reminds Kane of his Juice Crew days.

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