The Bristol County House of Corrections has been put on notice! If they treat Aaron Hernandez like a celebrity, it can will cost much more than anyone is probably willing to pay!

TMZ is reporting that the Bristol County Sheriff issued a warning to all jail staff members about taking photos or seeking autographs from the county’s most famous alleged murderer.

But even deeper, jail staffers have been instructed to give Hernandez NO SPECIAL TREATMENT. He is to receive the same food, same privileges, same everything as everyone else…or else!

Supposedly any staffer who violates the rules is subject to discipline ranging from an admonition to outright termination. So being nice to this guy can cost you you’re job! Not good!

Wow! It’s not like he is locked up in California or something. Patriots fans are serious about their’s and he is in jail smack dab in the middle of Patriot Nation! It will probably be hard not to find at least one person sympathetic to his cause or mesmerized by his stardom. But good luck to them all! It sounds like they will need it!


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