Now THIS is what people revere Jay-Z for. Those who are true historians of the game know that Jay has always been clever with both the delivery of his answers to other rappers as well as the timing of the response. Once again the Hip Hop nation finds itself awaiting such a scenario!

According to, Jay released more lyrics to his new project Magna Carta Holy Grail. (Which is set to hit shelves and mobile devices within days from now.)  The new song “La FAMILIA” addresses Lil Wayne talking about kidnapping Beyonce! Check it out!

He also addressed the NFL investigation in which they were checking on whether he had been inappropriate in his recruitment of Geno Smith. You have to give this guy credit for one thing for sure, when it comes to people trying to come for him he is untouchable. There is a good reason he speaks on getting that dirt off his shoulder…nothing sticks to this man!

We’re eager to see how he delivers this one! His delivery and power behind his words could either make this song everything or nothing special at all! Guess we must wait to find out…so let the countdown begin!


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