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Rapper Ace Hood is known for having nice jewelry. They’re not the gaudiest baubles you’ll find in hip-hop, but he does have a penchant for platinum and diamonds in his watch. Well, Ace Hood was thoroughly embarrassed while he was on the red carpet of the BET Awards. As he was talking about his expensive Rolex, the bezel liberated itself from the watch and hit the ground.

After the broken watch fiasco, the “Bugatti” rhymer gave an interview to a radio station where he discussed the embarrassing incident. When asked about the watch, Ace Hood admitted he was stunned. “When you spend so much money on a watch, certain things are not supposed to happen. My jeweler, I definitely had to fire the jeweler. He going through it, man.”

When the watch fell apart, naturally, Ace Hood had so many things running through his head. “For it to happen right then in that moment, I was like, ‘You could have happened anywhere else. I just performed. I just ripped down the stage, everything. But you chose to let it be there, that’s how I know the Devil be working.”

Ace Hood isn’t worried too much about the incident. He’s more concerned with his upcoming album “Trials & Tribulations” which is set to hit shelves July 16th. Make sure you go up a copy so Ace Hood can hire a better jeweler.



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