Jay-Z has done more interviewing in the last 48 hours than he’s probably done in the last five years–word to Hit-Boy. Following up his unprecedented Twitter QnA he made the radio interview rounds in his hometown of New York City to promote the release of “Magna Carta Holy Grail.”

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In the videos below he talks about everything from sports management, his relationship with Damon Dash and Beyonce’s surrogate pregnancy rumors to what the President texts him about and if there will be a “Watch The Throne 2.” If you don’t have time to watch them all (or you’ve gotta really weak mobile signal right now) you can read the best quotes below:

Tweeting [The Breakfast Club]

I actually had fun. That was amazing. I had a great time. It’s addictive. But I can’t be on Twitter. It’s addictive. It’s like weed. I like it but too much of that is not good for me.

I was in a great mood and it’s new rules. let’s just do something different. [Angie Martinez]

Reviews [The Breakfast Club]

I think reviews have lost a lot of their importance now because of the internet, everyone is experiencing things at the same time. You can write a review like the guy from USA Today tomorrow. The critic became important because they got the music two months early because the magazine had a long lead time, they’d get it, they’d sit with it and review it and put it out a month ahead of time. You don’t have the music so you’re reading reviews for a month. Right now the music is coming out tike THIS. People are writing the review in a day. You can’t listen to an album and rate it in a day. It’s impossible to get all the nuances, instrumentation and the words. It’s impossible to do that in 24 hours. So when I see that I say this is all just bullish*t. I can’t put any weight into it….I read two reviews the guy from The New York Times and kid from Allhiphop. They had two different points of view. I felt like his review was just as good as the New York Times review.

The Presidential Inauguration [Angie Martinez]

When we walked out there…the seats were fantastic. It was surreal. It was like a concert when we walked out. We were like “this is not cool, this cold backfire at any second.” It was ratchet.

Texting The President [The Breakfast Club]

I have spoken to him on the phone and texted him yes that’s happened. he’s a regular guy, very heavy into sports. I don’t know if this is breaching national security, but when he was getting elected the second time he said ‘it’s fourth quarter, just give me the ball.’

Cuba Trip [The Breakfast Club]

It’s America. It’s freedom on speech. That goes to show you that it’s all news and entertainment. Not to dry snitch, but do you know how many people went to Cuba? It just happened to hit a news cycle when…I saw all kinds of people out there. The news is like trying to find a great hook. You make a great song and you try to see how many hits you can get.

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