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Lenny Kravitz has been the unmentionable especially for a rock star…been celibate for the last four years. In times where sex is just as free as in the 1970s (though with much more consequences now). Here’s a tad of his candid interview from my girl Alicia over at

He was first public about his celibacy last year; now, he’s explained his decision to abstain from sex to the UK’s Telegraph. Kravitz is a Christian; he has been for a very long time. But it was only in the past several years that he challenged himself to act like one:

It took years to get it right. To actually do it, and really try to walk the walk and not just talk it. It’s not like it’s not important – I think sex and intimacy and all that is very important. It’s just that I’m going to do it with my wife. [laughs] And not everybody else.’

I was doing my normal thing and I was with somebody, and I remember waking up in the morning thinking, “What am I doing?” It’s not that I was all over the place. It’s not, like, groupies or somebody you’d pick up on the street. I didn’t carry on like that. It was somebody that I know. But it was still, “What am I doing? And why?” And that morning I was just talking to God, as I do, and I said, “You got to help me to stop this. I just really want to stop this.” And that was the day that it changed.

But there’s more to it than that. Lenny was candid with the interviewer about his father’s constant philandering, saying that he considered himself cursed when his father claimed Lenny would do the same, eventually:

If you go and look at his history, his dad did it, he hated his dad for doing it. And then he passed the buck to me. He kind of handed that to me. And I had to wrestle with that.”

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