If you ask Google what Lil Kim looks like you’ll get a variety of answers. A query on the popular search engine auto-populates results that range from  “Michael Jackson,” “Asian,” and “Latoya Jackson” to the not so flattering “a monster.”

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If you ask newbie Bing, the results are just as mixed: Snooki, Jeremy Lin and Baby Bop round out the results.

But the Queen Bee will not be denied, especially on her 39th Birthday. Her new song proudly declares that she “looks like money” and has the beats (by Rocwilder) to back it up.  In fact, she seems to take a subtle shot at her almost record label Cash Money Records but starting off that “Cash Money is so last year/ now when I do a show they pay me in gold.”

Take a listen to her latest “Looks Like Money” and flip through our photos of her best looks and you tell us what she is a dime or nickel.

Lil Kim’s Best Looks
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