Big Brother has been called out since it got started a few weeks ago for allowing racist and homophobic comments to continue within the game. Even the host of “Big BrotherJulie Chin herself was offended and spoke on it on her daytime show “The Talk“. But now it’s gotten to a place where someone could get hurt. And if Big Brother doesn’t do something serious about the the 3 offending cast members people may start boycotting not just the show but it’s sponsors as well.

Take a look at what happened with the racists last night after the live show airing. Around the 2 minute mark it starts to get ridiculous when the same 2 girls that have been called out for their racist comments and behaviors this summer are back at it again.


Candice was justifiably upset when her bed had been flipped over and on to the floor along with the items that had been on top of it. Upon saying that it better not happen again she was met with taunts and comments from the two girls who have been accused of making racial comments throughout the game.

Aaryn taunted Candice  saying in a “blackcent”,

“Whatchu gon do gurrl … class girl? Where’s yo class?” 


GinaMarie got into Candice’s face saying,

“You want the black to come out?”

Check out TMZ’s take on it.



This is a further example of their racist comments toward Asians.


Here is what Julie Chin had to say on the “The Talk” regarding Aaryn and what she has been saying in the house. Keep in mind this was before the heated situation last night.



And TMZ cameras caught up with Julie to ask her opinion about it as well. Here’s what she had to say about it then.


Is this what CBS stands for? Is this what they are willing to allow to happen just for some ratings? If it is then maybe those of us who are offended should stop watching CBS all together. That show is plenty dramatic and entertaining without them continuing to entertain this. And let us be clear…that type of behavior will send the sanest of African Americans over the top. That situation could easily become violent.

If they continue to accept these degenerates in that house then they are complicit in the problem. And no amount of marching Julie Chin in front of cameras is going to make up for it.

If you’re upset then let the sponsor’s of the show know it! If CBS won’t shut it down maybe the public needs to shut it down for them. Sometimes that seems to be the only way people will pay attention is if or when they get hit in the pocket.


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