You Want Tattoos On Your Neck & Face

A few tattoos will give you the appearance of being a bad boy. But misplaced skin ink will give you the appearance of an unemployable ex-con. Unless you have your own business, keep the tattoos in the traditional spots.

You Constantly Refer To Women As “Bitches”  Or “Hoes” & Refuse To Love Them

Too $hort and Snoop Dogg Lion can afford to buy chicks like a man with a job buys work shoes. They’ve literally paid the cost to be someone’s boss. You, on the other hand, need to chill because you have a daughter and a wife and neither deserves to be treated like a prostitute.

You Wear All Your Jewelry At The Same (Damn) Time

Rap cats usually have “security” with them at all times. They’re not too concerned with thirsty street urchins robbing them. Although all that bling you have looks nice, going to the grocery store draped in precious metals is just begging the less fortunate to relieve you of them.

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