You Smoke Chain-Smoke Blunts Like Cigarettes

Every rap song on the radio glorifies the magical benefits of constantly being blazed. However, you have a job that randomly drug tests, and aside from making you lazy, you can’t lose your dead-end job because of the racks on racks of child support payments you owe.

You Bought A Car, But Neglected To Pay Your Taxes.

There’s a laundry list of rappers that makes a truck load of money. About half of that list is also up on charges for not paying their taxes. They get a good lawyer and squirm out of it with the equivalent to a slap on the wrist, mostly because they are famous. That won’t happen to you. You’ll lose everything you own, get your wages garnished, and still wind up doing jail time. Prioritize or find yourself on the business end of Uncle Sam’s fiscal revenge.

You Lie About Where You Work

There’s nothing wrong with working for a living. Just ask all of your unemployed friends. They lie about looking for work, while you lie about having a job. Oh, sweet irony. You may receive a certain amount of street cred for claiming that you hustle for yours, but nobody respects a liar. Ask any rent-a-cop or corrections officer how they fell about William Roberts II Rick Ross and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.


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