In an email sent to DJ unnamed sources claim that Affiliates CEO La the Darkman was involved in a fight with Young Jeezy and CTE at Atlanta’s Luckie Food Lounge.

According to blogger Gyant the fight involved at least ten people and started in the VIP area of the Luckie Food Lounge.

Police detained and questioned several people who were in the club, but officers say they are not cooperating

If this is true, it would be a continuation of on-going tension between DJ Drama and Jeezy’s camps. Earlier this year Drama was assaulted by a member of CTE in Atlanta during a Notorious film premier.

“There was a little scuffle. At a movie screening,” Darkman explained in an interview. “A little thing that got handled. Fake thugs with low self esteem want to pick on the DJs. We definitely didn’t initiate this though. DJs don’t go looking for beef with fake gangstas.”

Prior to the Notorious incident the crews clashed at Radio One’s Dirty Awards in response to comments Jeezy supposedly made about DJ Drama on stage.

This also comes on the tail of renewed tension between Young Jeezy and Gucci Maine.

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