Marcus Jordan, son of NBA legend Michael Jordan, is getting looked at in a whole new light. The college basketball player tweeted a photo of his penis for the world to see and then did the obligatory tweeting about his page being hacked.

Marcus Jordan immediately had the photo deleted as soon as it was posted, but instead of largely ignoring the accidental tweet or just admitting he tweeted the private pic, he created a whole film plot as the reason why the pic showed up. Jordan said it wasn’t him who tweeted the dick pic and it had to have been somebody else who tweeted it from his account.

Jordan went on to say that the person who posted the photo was probably trying to be funny, but what’s funny is the way Marcus Jordan is trying to get out of this mess. If you have friends willing to go through your phone and search for your penis pics to post online, you might want to reevaluate your friends. If you ever get caught out there again, Marcus Jordan, just know that there are better lies to tell rather than the one you chose to. You know better, my dude.




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