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When Toccara Jones speaks, men listen. When the beautiful model, reality TV star and correspondent reached out to to talk about her new line of feminine undergarments we briefly wondered “Why us?” Our sisters at seemed like a more natural fit but then we realized, “Hey, Toccara wants to talk to us about her breasts!”

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“I created it because I have large breasts myself and I could never find a bra that fit me,” she told as we tried desperately to keep our composure. “It wasn’t until I was 21 that I finally went to a Neiman Marcus and got fitted.”

So why should guys care beyond the fact that her ads will become wallpapers on every smart phone in the country? Are we going to score points with our ladies packaging one of these bras with some flowers and Maxwell tickets on Valentine’s Day?

“It is a fashionable bra and a functional bra. It is functional but pretty,” says Toccara.  “It’s sexy because we have color options. In my bra collection it’s spicy and hip and edgy because we have deep colors, youthful colors etc. That is gonna make a man wanna buy it for his woman.”

In between our talk about her her “Fabulous Bra Shaper,” Ms. Jones had some fun with us. In the clip above we asked her our favorite Trading Places question: What would you do if you woke up in a man’s body? While her answer wasn’t exactly unique, the WAY she answered puts her in class by herself!

Stay tuned for more of our interview with Toccara where we talk about her fans saying she has lost too much weight and we take a trip down memory lane to her first KING magazine cover (penned by yours truly).


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