From The Drug War And Mass Incarceration By The Numbers

  • Over four decades, American taxpayers have dished out $1 trillion on the “War on Drugs.”
  • Nearly half of all prisoners in state prisons are locked up for non-violent crimes. The majority is Black prisoners who are incarcerated for drug crimes.
  • Black kids are 10 times more likely to be arrested for drug crimes than White ones – even though White kids are more likely to abuse drugs.
  • One in every 15 Black males, 18 & older, is incarcerated in the US vs. 1 in 106 White males.



If you are young, Black, and male in America, chances are, you will go to prison during your lifetime. If you ever return to society, you’ll likely re-enter with little to no support for meeting your basic needs. The stories are alarming, and sadly, Hip-Hop is all in the details.


Various Hip Hop outlets want to create a massive wave of online support & awareness about the issue of Mass Incarceration that doesn’t end today. Here are 5 Ways to support the cause:

  1. Stay out of prison!
    Crime never pays, and the street life will eventually catch up with you.
  2. Be informed!
    There are root causes behind the unfathomable numbers of Black men & women in prison – things like lack of jobs, poor education, inadequate homes, and ills within the justice system are leading factors for why people commit crimes.
  3. Get involved!
    Hundreds of organizations and movements are popping up across the country and working on the issue of Mass Incarceration every day. Join groups like the @ACLU or @WomenOfWAMI to stay in the mix of the solution.
  4. Support the “Jimmy’s Back” album & documentary!
    Give them some props, artists and musicians have always been champions for the underdog. Pre-order Dice Raw’s “Jimmy’s Back” on August 4 and look for the release on August 19.
  5. Love yourself! 
    Creating change is never easy, but it starts within you. Opt for legal hustles, seek self-improvement, and work within the system. Your forefathers already paved the way!


For more information on “The New Jim Crow” and Mass Incarceration,  



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