Jada Pinkett Smith’s medical drama “Hawthorne” premiered Tuesday at 9 p.m. with 3.83 million households tuning in, of which 1.64 million were members of the adults 25-54 demo.

The premiere also served up 1.57 million viewers 18-49. Though not huge, it’s better in the demo than January’s bow of “Trust Me” or the 2007 launch of “Heartland,” reports Variety.

Per, here’s what some critics had to say about the pilot:

Mary McNamara, LA Times: “‘Character-driven’ shouldn’t mean boring, and the front-loading of righteous pro-nurse speechifying by Christina doesn’t do ‘Hawthorne’ any favors.”

David Hinckley, New York Daily News: “The pieces are in place for a solid drama-with-humor, the kind that cable channels are serving like aspirin these days. The problem is this show hasn’t quite figured out yet how to integrate all the components into a uniform tone and direction.”

Maureen Ryan, Chicago Tribune: “…has the painfully earnest, painfully obvious aura of something that was made by people who’ve never seen an episode of ‘ER,’ ‘House’ or any of the canny star vehicles that cable channels have cooked up in recent years for top-notch actresses.”

Alessandra Stanley, New York Times: “Christina doesn’t fit the TNT mold of unconventional heroine; she couldn’t be more predictably valiant. And that is oddly counterintuitive at a time when television increasingly savors imperfection.”

Matthew Gilbert, Boston Globe: “Smith’s Christina, also the widowed mother of a rebellious teen girl, is so unblemished, she’s blandly off-putting. When a show wants me to worship a character this feverishly, I can’t help it, I resist.”

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