Who is Frank Alexander? Frank Alexander was Tupac “2Pac” Shakur’s personal bodyguard during the final year of his, and following the rapper’s murder on Sept. 7, 1996, “Big Frank” produced two documentaries and wrote one book, “Got Your Back,” about his late friend and boss. Frank Alexander was found dead on May 30, 2013, in Murrieta, California.

Initial reports suggested it was suicide, as he’d suffered a single gunshot wound to the head, but friend Richard “RJ” Bond said it was “an accident” and not a case of the strongman taking his own life, according to

Who is Frank Alexander? Alexander, 54-years-old at the time of his death, joined Tupac’s entourage after serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and earning distinction as an amateur bodybuilder, according to his official website. Frank Alexander owned his own personal training business, and it’s for that reason that Tupac picked him as his personal bodyguard. Alexander was in Las Vegas the night Pac was gunned down, but he wasn’t in the same car, as his boss had instructed him to chauffeur inebriated members of his Outlaws posse to Death Row Records boss Suge Knight’s nightclub.

“Who is Frank Alexander?” is a question police likely asked, as he was a man with information on Tupac’s killing. As he told Sabotage Times, Pac got into a fight with Crips gang member Orlando Anderson the night he was killed. Frank Alexander’s documentary “Tupac Shakur: The Assassination,” focuses specifically on the night the famed MC was shot, and in the aftermath of the slaying, Alexander maintained that he was not responsible for his friend and boss’s death, even though Knight and others blamed him for the incident. “No one can judge me but God,” he wrote on his site. “Tupac’s mother Afeni doesn’t blame me for Tupac’s death. I’m not trying to profit from Tupac’s death. I want people to know what really happened during the last years of his life?”

Who is Frank Alexander? In addition to being the man behind two Pac films—“Tupac Shakur: The Assassination” and “Before I Wake”—he was an insider in the famed rhymer’s entourage, and he knew a lot about the man behind the public image. Speaking with Sabotage Times, he dished on Pac’s fondness for a certain illicit substance.

“When he first got out of bed every morning, he rolled a Philly Blunt,” Frank Alexander said. “Tupac taught me how to make one. You basically take a cigar, slice it up in the middle, take out the tobacco and replace it with weed. The shits so good, you’ll never go back. Tupac looked at things like this: money, first; weed, second; p—y, third. That’s saying a lot, because he really loved women.”

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