M. Night Shyamalan, the twisty turny Sixth Sense director, somewhat down on his luck following Lady in the Water and The Happening (although The Last Airbender looks promising), is prepping Unbreakable 2, according to MTV News.

Shyamalan has been saying things like this since 2001. He doesn’t have Bruce Willis or Samuel L. Jackson yet (“I don’t know where [they] are… Sam is, like, Mr Comic Book now…”), and as of last October (MTV again) he hadn’t written it yet and didn’t quite have an idea: “I want a story to pop into my head”. He also seriously fell out with Unbreakable‘s studio Disney after they rejected Lady in the Water.

But if he’s still talking it up, it’s still something of a possibility, and a weirdo take on superheroes might sit quite well in the current Marvel-heavy movie climate. But is there anything left to say after Watchmen?

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