For any Beanie Sigel fan who was  curious, concerned or worried about how Beanie has been doing while serving his six to twenty four month sentence in prison he just sent some pictures out to let people know he is OK. Thanks to DJ’s Doing Work we got them.

While we’re sure plenty of people are cracking jokes over this or are concerned that it may in some way be glorifying prison culture, we see something else in it. This could potentially be one of the most stunning moves if not one of the most Hip Hop things Beanie has ever done. We know you want to interject and yell and scream at the screen but don’t jump off the ride yet,  just roll with us here for a minute so we can explain.

Very seldom have we ever seen pics of a star from the inside of a jail that were not taken by professionals or that were not set up to look glamorous. These pics of Beanie look like the same pictures that people all over the nation have of their incarcerated loved ones. They are not phony or pretentious or unrealistic. They are very genuine. This is what families all over the country are dealing with. Without trying to make a statement, Beanie Sigel just made a statement. We get it.


There he is not a super talented rapper. There he is the guy in the cell down the way. These pics are not of an over blinged out crew nor a swag-o-licious skinny jean wearing posse. This group around him are family members and loved ones of people out in the world who may never even get to see them but for these pictures.

We aren’t asking for sympathy for them let’s be clear. But we are saying this is real. And a very large part of the population is experiencing it right now. Again we get it. We hope others do too.


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