The term “living legend” gets thrown around a lot in Hip-Hop, but only a handful of people can actually fit those kicks.  One of those is producer, rapper and DJ Pete Rock. Since his emergence under the late great Heavy-D, Pete has been responsible for albums, beats, songs and remixes that helped shaped what’s come to be known as the golden age of Hip-Hop.

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With a fresh album out with Camp Lo, “80 Blocks From Tiffany’s Part II” and a relinking with former partner CL Smooth, Pete has plenty to talk about. So TheUrbanDaily spoke to the “Chocolate Boy Wonder” at the release part for “80 Blocks” to get his take on the current state of music and what his movement will be.

TUD: With your reputation you can work with whoever you’d like. What made you decide that Camp Lo had to be your next project?

Pete Rock: Being a fan, I’ve been a fan of them for a while even back when they first came out. The way they dressed, their whole style was just different and that caught my eye, their music was dope and they could rhyme! Basically when I met them leaving the studio one night we decided to talk about doing a project together. I went upstairs and did a song with them, jumped on a song with them and Styles P and then we just sat down about a whole project.

TUD: What’s the biggest difference between this one and the original for those that don’t know?

Pete Rock: Part one was instrumentals of classic beats of mine that I already made. Part two is me in the flesh, involved in the whole thing, producing it. That’s the main difference.

TUD: Besides E.B.F.T., I’ve also seen you reconnecting with CL Smooth. You two closed the show at Rocksteady this year. Whats the status of Pete Rock & CL Smooth?

Pete Rock: Awww man, me and CL, we’re on a good plain right now… we talk about music, we talk about doing shows. And that’s what we do now, we get together and we perform for our fans. We’re doing a lot. We’re doing a live re-recording of Mecca & The Soul Brother with a live band so that’s gonna be interesting.

TUD: This is good for your fans to see. I know it was hard on them when you two went your separate ways.

Pete Rock: Yeah, I mean we were young then. When you look back on it and you think about it, we were all young and didn’t realize the bigger picture. Sometimes it takes people a minute to get it.

TUD: Can we look forward to a new album from you and CL?

Pete Rock: Hopefully… I wouldn’t turn my nose to that. I would love to do something like that. Right now we’re working on this live re-recording and we’re gonna pull some artists in on it as well. So I’m excited about that.

TUD: As one of the architects of the golden age, what’s your take on the talk about Hip-Hop entering a new golden age?

Pete Rock: I have to say… not really, not yet. It can be something special you know? That’s how I interpret it. Maybe 10 years from now, the Kendrick Lamar’s and artist like that will be the legends. But they still got more time to go.

TUD: Where do you see yourself in that mix 10 years form now?

Pete Rock: I’ll probably just be sitting back chilling… enjoying my family. Who knows what I’ll be doing in music. But it will be something. Whether it be touring, executive producing projects, A&R’ing something. I’ll be dong something like that 10 years from now.

TUD: Years ago when all this first started, did you see yourself in this spot?

Pete Rock: Nah! Cause I just took it as a hobby thing because I like it… a LOT. I mean, I love music… I was raised on it. My dad was a DJ so that’s basically what it is for me. It’s full-throttle, Hip-Hop till the death. You gotta rep that.

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