Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj is an independent woman and doesn’t need a man to do anything for her. Especially when it comes to rapping, Nicki Minaj can do for herself. Nicki just blacked out on a rapper named Ransom who claimed in a song that he ghostwrote for the Barbie.

TMZ cameras caught the “Super Bass” rapper on the street while she waited for her car. Immediately they asked about Ransom’s claims and Nicki took off all of her cool and blasted the rapper, saying, “N***as always got my d**k in their mouth!” After ranting a little longer, Nicki, absolutely disgusted at this point, walked away. Only thing is she wasn’t done. She walked back over to the camera man and went off some more. The gist of it is, she is better than a lot of rappers and she doesn’t need a man to write anything for her.

The rapper making the claims, Ransom, says his song was never meant to be taken as a diss to Minaj, but merely an acknowledgment that he donated his time to working with the artist before she got put on. Nicki didn’t see it like that and called the man “f**king desperate.”

Listen to Ransom’s song with the questionable lyric below.


Then, check out what the Barbie had to say.



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