Hip-Hop is the music industry’s most masculine genre. It’s no secret that most rappers spit rhymes as if they have something to prove to the next man, just in case he doubts his testosterone levels and ability to kill bugs and move heavy furniture.


Rap music has a long history of woman-bashing and a veritable laundry list of songs whose lyrics could easily read like rapist love letters to potential victims. However, if you listen closely, plenty of your favorite rappers have dropped bars that could easily be misconstrued as homosexual Freudian slips of the, um, tongue.

Although your favorite MC may not necessarily be on the down-low, these 20 rap lyrics might tell a different story. Now, we’re not saying they are gay, but you never can tell. Like my grandmother used to say, “Hindsight is twenny twenny.”

Big Pun

“The Dream Shatterer”: When you awaken, your manhood will be taken…

Pun must’ve watched “American Me” right before he laid down his verse.

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