Seven years ago I was among the lucky few huddled around a bathroom in a soho loft watching Toccara Jones take a bubble bath.  Her first cover shoot for “KING” magazine was a long time in the making and the staff was working hard to make it something readers would never forget.

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I felt a lot of things that day, but pride was in the mix with other emotions that will go unmentioned here.  In my first days of working at Harris Publications taking over as the Editor-In-Chief of “Scratch” magazine I chopped it up with my boys running “KING,” Datwon Thomas and Jermaine Hall.  I’d become a big fan of  the curvaceous “America’s Next Top Model” contestant and told them “y’all need to do a Toccara cover.”  Featuring a woman as thick as Toccara on the cover was a step outside of their norm at that point, but they agreed that her star was rising and that something had to be done if not a cover.

Fast forward some months later and Datwon walked up to my desk with a Chesire Cat grin to tell me that were finally putting Toccara on the cover.  Day remembered that I was one of the first people to suggest it and said it was only right that I do the Q&A.

In this second part of our interview with Toccara Jones we take a trip down memory lane to see how she feels about baring it all for that KING shoot and how her fans have reacted to her weight loss since then.

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