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So Tuesday night at around 2 or 3am, G.O.O.D. Music golden boy Big Sean decided to drop a joint called “Control” online. After a gang of hefty claims he had just made about out-rapping everybody he’d been on a track with, he set himself up to knock one out of the park with the No I.D. produced banger, which featured the long-lost Jay Electronica and MC ultra Kendrick Lamar.

What followed was a storm of controversy. Kendrick not only showed up Big Sean and made Jay Elec seem non-existent, but he threw a challenge at his contemporaries spitting “I’m usually homeboys with the same n*ggas I’m rhymin’ with. But this is Hip Hop and them n*ggas should know what time it is. That goes for Jermaine ColeBig K.R.I.T.WalePusha T, Meek MillA$AP RockyDrake, Big Sean, Jay Electron, TylerMac Miller. I got love for you all but I’m tryin’ to murder you n*ggas. Trying to make sure your core fans never heard of you n*ggas [and that] they don’t want to hear not one more noun or verb from you n*ggas.” And that was right after he declared himself the King of NY.

Twitter exploded

While most people were wondering who of the named were gonna respond and who should be more offended (the named or the un-named), the only thing that was crystal clear was the one of the best MC’s in the game had claimed NY’s crown for himself. I personally couldn’t believe it had gotten to the point where an out-of-town MC felt so comfortable enough with the compitition in a city to lay claim to its clown.

How did that happen? When did NY, the original Mecca for lyrics and lyricism, become up for grabs in the eyes of MCs? As the hours ticked by and the answers became clearer to me, I let my thoughts out over Twitter.  The following is a recap:

So this is what it’s come to… French Montana over Joell or Joey Badass on the airwaves. And folks WONDER why NY was ripe for the picking? FOH. You’ll shit on the MC’s and all but declare lyrics corny, live on NY RADIO for all to hear… (ie @cthagod) and now our crown is being claimed by a Cali cat. Yep, this is happening.

Don’t tell me Nas, Jay, Jada should stand up and ride out. Those dudes are solidified and generation wise, this ain’t their fight. They’ve paved the way for cats like Kendrick and everyone he mentioned in the 1st place. But when NY radio will shit on dude who does what Kendrick does, high-level lyricism, and call them “minor league” (right @oldmanebro?) how can you be surprised that this is what happens?

So lyrics are corny when ASAP Ferg’s a guest (@cthegod) Lyrical MC’s are minor league (@oldmanebro) but Kendrick Lamar will be cool in the AM? Got It… that makes sense. Trust me, in a few hours the NY radio moonwalking will have Michael Jackson standing and applauding next to Whitney and Biggie.

They’ll focus on the challenge or how Nas/Jay/need to do something about it. Or how the new cats need to step it up and “work harder,” ANYTHING to avoid their role in this whole thing. Hell, I can even see Ebro taking credit for breaking Kendrick at Summer Jam! ANYTHING to avoid the fact that Migos will get burn over NY airwaves before Joey Badass or action Bronson will.

Ebro prolly won’t point out that he’ll give Riff Raff more airtime than say an Emilio Rojas, or a SkyZoo…

Riff Raff yall… Riff FUCKING Raff! LoL!

That coon king had the chance to do & be where NY MC’s have to plot, scheme, hustle, shuck & jive to get turned away from. But by 6am, they’ll be shouting that Kendrick the best thing ever, declaring his wordplay and wit is supreme and telling NY MC’s to be more like him while at the same time not allowing them in the building for putting lyrics first.

Now I’m probably gonna get in some kind of trouble behind the scenes… Or at least catch a side eye from a few insiders. But this isn’t slander, this is how I see things. Show me I’m lying?

NY radio needs to be ashamed of themselves EVERY TIME they play that record, them more than anyone else. It’s not like NY hasn’t MADE the music, you’ve never heard it. But it’s there. Songs and bars that would make any out of town MC think three times before trying to claim a crown out here. But honestly, that’s beside the point. If you want to know where NY lyricism went, just remember the words spoken first thing in the morning on NY radio when they ranting & raving about Kendrick.

@cthegod = Lyrics are corny

@oldmanebro = Lyrics MC’s in the minor leagues.

 Later on in the day:

RT “@oldmanebro: Applause.

Well done @kendricklamar ..

“This is HipHop & they should what time it is..””

RT @cthagod: All these new cats is out here really spitting. If you don’t appreciate this era you just a stuck in the  90’s

For the record? If you’re a LYRCIST from NY, you’ve got grounds to reply. I don’t give a F*CK if you’re “relevant” or “hot” or out right now. That’s the kind of thinking that got us IN the hole we’re in, in the first place. Let the cream rise to the top and weed out the worst.

Don’t fall for this “minor league” @oldmanebro bullsh*t. Let the talent dictate the attention. NOT the Cosign. We see how well that’s gone.

These stations will slam you for not being “relevant” or “hot” but spins from them would MAKE YOU JUST THAT! LoL!

“The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he did not exist” – C. Baudelaire.

Thanks for this Kendrick. You’re a G.

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