God bless Kendrick Lamar for the kick in the ass…But this could have happened a long time ago. Jay Z could have taken it back to lyrics awhile ago. Any MC with heavy bars in the public eye could have thrown down the gauntlet & shifted the competition away from sales/money & back to skill. But that didn’t happen.

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The real sh*t is, there’s TONS of MC’s out who’ve been dumbing down for YEARS because they believed they had to  now thinking “FINALLY… Free at last, free at last… That Kendrick and control, bars are free at last!”

If that happens, if the argument isn’t as much about who sells as it is who’s NICEST, the fans shift, the execs shift, the balance is here.  MC’s who’ve been dumbing down will begin spitting HEAT. Egos will kick in and talent will be coming from where you least expect it. On the other side, the comedy will arrive when the weeding out starts & rappers try to stay relevant by becoming MC’s & we see the dumb die. MC’s can do what rappers do all day. Not the other way around tho… Let the natural selection begin!

With all of the responses to Kendrick’s “Control” verses coming out we caught up with Bronx MC Mickey Factz who took it right to Kendrick on his answer record, “South Park.”

“When I first heard I thought it was dope, that it was a really good first. Him calling out the names was shocking and I kind of put it to the side,” he tells ” I replayed it and I heard him say he is the King Of NY and I was like ‘what’ and thought that was kind of brash seeing as he was from L.A.  People on Twitter were a little angry but being from NY I knew there weren’t going to be immediate responses. It’s a friendly city in regards to the MCs that are in a comfortable space. That’s why you haven’t heard response from the people mentioned. They’re comfortable.”

So why did he jump in? Watch our interview.


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