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6. And she got game, too…

“i used to play ball with wendi. when i was casting i thought she might be good & told her to audition. she rocked it.”

5. This virgin flight was bumpy, however

“got call from studio after they watched love scene. didn’t think she was enjoying it. told them 1st time isn’t that great.”

4. A mother’s tears

“its marvin gaye, but i forgot the song title!”

3. Mama’s outrage came from the heart

.@Haynesness @AlfreWoodard wish i could take credit for the line but the genius alfre woodard ad libbed that one. made me crack up too.”

2.  “Our Destiny” was destined to be…

“.@teefin24 original song in that spot was TLC “unpretty.” was so dope but couldn’t afford it. then we “our destiny” came in & I loved it too”

1. Scarred…

“.@FilmFatale_NYC in original draft, quincy knocked out her front tooth, but when i cast sanaa, thought using her real scar would be cooler.”

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