More with Def Jam’s New Artist, August Alsina

Why should we care about August Alsina? What separates you from all of the other artists that are out right now?

*chuckles* Cause I’m Aug’ and they them. I just feel like no one is the same. We all got different backgrounds and we all got different sh*t to talk about.  I didn’t live their life and they didn’t live mine. My mama didn’t raise them and their mama didn’t raise me so we came up a different way. So you know, we have different demeanors. I’m just myself and them n*ggas is just them n*ggas.

Okay, fair enough. How would you describe your sound?

If I had to describe it in one word it would be truth.

Truth? How so?

Because I speak the truth. *laughs*

Very blunt. Would you consider yourself to be more of a “Trap R&B” artist?

I hate that sh*t man. That shit so lame.

How so?

Well, what makes something trap?

What makes something true?

The realness of it.

So maybe that’s someone else’s perspective. Trap is their hustle and their ‘realness.’

I guess we can look at it that way but… you’ll never hear that come out of my mouth. And I don’t consider it that way. It’s just… my sh*t.

When exactly did you start singing and who would you say has influenced you the most as a singer?

I’ve been singing for about 7 years. Who influenced me the most? I’d have to say Lauryn Hill, I think she influenced me the most. I think she’s the reason why I’m singing right now. The reason I started singing was because I was watching Sister Act 2-it was one of my favorite movies as a youngin’. She was singing some gospel song… “His Eye Is On The Sparrow” or something, I can’t remember. She was killing that and I was just like ‘man, I wanna do that’ and I just started doing it and of course you start off really rough *laughs*.

Now look where it got you.

It was really rough but I stuck with it.

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