Singer/rapper Sean Kingston has had a trying last couple of years. While most early twenty somethings are figuring out their plans for life, Sean Kingston was in the hospital fighting for his. After a horrific jet skiing accident in Miami Beach during the summer of 2011, many thought they had heard the last of Sean Kingston on his 2009 album “Tomorrow.” However, that isn’t the case because the heavyset 23-year-old is gearing up to drop his third album “Back 2 Life.” The album features appearances from Wale, Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Yo Gotti, and T.I. to name a few.

The Urban Daily sat down with the Jamaican American at the Epic Records offices. During our conversation, Sean talked about recovering from his jet skiing accident, his media-perpetuated playboy persona. While getting to know Sean as a person, we also learned about his upcoming album “Back 2 Life” and its personal significance.

TUD: Can you tell me about your new album “Back 2 Life”

SK: It’s an album I’ve been really focused on for a long time. A lot of people will say, “Sean Kingston took a long time to stop this album.” But I felt like there was a lot of great music coming out at once and I felt like if I come back out, I wanna come out like when I debuted. It was original music. Nobody sounded like Sean Kingston. It was something I created called hip-pop. It’s mixing the pop roots with the hip-hop stuff.

The second album was kinda whatever, but every artist goes through that-labels telling you a certain thing. That’s why you gotta live for self and do you. I just feel like this album is that. There’s music on it that everybody can relate to. It’s young. It’s fly. It’s a lot of different stuff on there too like international music. I mean worldwide FIFA type joints and then there’s stuff for the club.

How significant is the album’s title to you?

As you know, I had a big accident. I almost died a year and a half ago. God gave me a second chance at life. He really gave me a second chance at life so therefore, I’m back to life. I’m back doing the music that I wanna do. Everything feels new again. Sean is back making quality music. Just want people to know that it’s nonstop from here. We’re just gonna keep putting out great songs and touring. Sky is the limit. I’m very proud of this because I wrote 85% of the album. So everything is really me.

Are you glad people are finally talking about your music again rather than your jet skiing accident or who you’re dating?

[laughs] Before, I didn’t have a lot of music out. It was me living in L.A. and paparazzi taking pictures of me with this girl and that girl. “Beat It” is out and it’s almost gold. Now, people want to know what I have coming next musically. I’m happy that the conversation has shifted toward the music, but I’m not mad at dating some hot chicks in Hollywood either. [laughs]

Out of all of those hot chicks we’ve seen you with, how many were you actually dating?

One thing I can say, all of them were true. But I don’t know if the stories they put out about me and each girl was true. But I wouldn’t say we were dating. You know how it is. You kick it with a girl for two or three months and y’all are vibing. If y’all get caught at a restaurant eating, it’s automatically dating and I’m automatically in a relationship. But I ain’t no girlfriend/boyfriend type stuff. I’m 23. I’m trying to live and enjoy my life. If I see a bad chick, I’m gonna make a move. If she turns me down, there’s always another pretty girl.

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