When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman, people lost their damn minds. Black Twitter began tweeting potential Batman dialogue in a Boston accent, making fun of Afflecks’s Beantown roots. Former Batman Michael Keaton disagrees with the internet and says Ben Affleck will be a great Batman.

Michael Keaton was caught by TMZ cameras trying to make a mad dash to his car from an L.A. restaurant. When asked about his opinion on the new Batman casting, he said Ben could definitely pull it off. “He is gonna be great,” Keaton told the camera crew.

What’s funny about the cameras asking Michael Keaton about Batman is Keaton is trying so hard to be polite when he really wanted to tell them he had to go. The whole time he’s being interviewed, he’s rushing to the car and trying his best to answer the question with a fast answer. However, the cameraman continues to question Keaton until he finally slams his car door and peels off.

Check the video below.



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