For the second video to his platinum plus “Magna Carta, Holy Grail” album, Jay Z keeps it relatively simple. Not that burning limos and blood filled chalices are simple. But when he’s had everything from flaming bouncing basketballs to his own death reenacted in a music video, just sitting still and letting the words do the job is almost minimal in comparison. It also doesn’t hurt to have cameo from Justin Timberlake.

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The timing of the clip’s release is interesting considering that today is Michael Jackson’s birthday and Mike Tyson has become very public of late about his personal demons. Both are referenced in the song and the video starts with Jay Z watching Tyson’s first ever loss to Buster Douglas.

Tell us what you think of the video to “Holy Grail” and check out the 7 most biblical moments from the video.

[Props to L+T]

7. If this isn’t a bible then maybe it’s the ledger for The Brooklyn Nets.

6. This isn’t quite a burning bush, but JT looks like he praying over this flaming up-side-down limo.

5. Does the blood spilling from this cup belong to the editor of Billboard magazine? Or Scott Boras.

4. It’s not quite a Grammy, but we don’t think Jay will have a problem drinking out of this.

3. Hov assumes the “rise from the dead in 3 days” position…

2. A Last Supper…for zombies maybe.

1. Money IS the root of all evil after all..


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