In one of the bravest moves we’ve heard of yet, Michael and Jaunita Jordan’s little girl Jasmine, came out of the closet via instagram. DJ’s Doing Work is reporting that upon posting a picture of she and her girlfriend she wrote,

“This Little Closet Is Holding Me Back.”

This comes about a week after she revealed her new tattoo on Instagram which says, “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” This must have been pretty empowering for her because she once again took to IG and let the world know that she’s found love and she’s ready to be honest with who she is.

It’s nice to see that this beautiful girl is now a happy girl as well. We hope that her bravery has propelled her forward since she has decided to no longer be held back. She has undoubtedly inspired other young people to have a talk with their families and maybe even themselves. Keep shining Miss Jasmine.


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