Tom Joyner Morning show co-host, Comedy legend J. Anthony Brown doesn’t miss a beat! Back with his second season playing “Maurice” the General Manager of radio station WHTA on the TVOne hit comedy series “The Ricky Smiley Show” the celebrated funnyman can certainly relate to the pressures of being the boss, as the owner of his own real life empire.

His newly launched reality tv web series,”The J Spot” is a reality show about running a comedy club which also happens to be a family business. From comics to the staff, this show gives you a behind the scenes look of running a small business and the business of telling jokes for a living, with none other than Mr. J. Anthony Brown. Produced by his own J.A.B Productions online production company, TVOne has expressed interest in carrying the webisode’s on its site.

J’s reality is that life is hot for this seasoned matriarch of comedy right now and he is clearly winning as he stays busier than he has ever been in his several decade long career. Speaking of hot, even his own brand of gourmet products and hot sauce is burning up the streets. His “HOTTER THAN A MOFO” Hot Sauce brand which made its official launch at the Essence Festival, is the end result of a venture J says started, “eight or nine” years ago. According to Mr. Brown, the business came about as nothing more than a gimmick that grew legs while giving the hot sauce out at comedy clubs he performed in.

“When I started it, I found out that there was a hot sauce company that would put your picture on the (hot sauce) packaging. And I would send it to the club. Like, say I played a club, I would send a case of hot sauce. It was very inexpensive, just my way of saying thanks, you know, maybe less than $2. I could send everybody a bottle of hot sauce. And I would send it to the club that I played.

It kinda got to the point where people started asking for it. “Where is my hot sauce? Can I get some more of the hot sauce?” So that’s how I got in to it.

“Hotter Than a MoFo” is his hottest hot sauce.

“I came up with two different ideas. Like I wanted a really, really, really hot sauce, which is hotter Than a MoFo. And the peach and pepper is an idea that I had that I came up with.”

Whether he’s hosting a hit radio show, television show, web series or hustling hot sauce you betta “Watch Out Deh Now” because J. Anthony Brown is leaving no stone un-turned in his comedy quest.


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