As we previously reported, George Zimmerman was accused yesterday of threatening his estranged wife with a gun as well as beating up his wife’s father! The audio of the call that was made to 911 has been released.

Check it out in the TMZ video below!


The wife, Shellie Zimmerman ended up recanting her story after conversing with her lawyer at the scene yesterday. We’re not sure what they have up their sleeves but we’re going to go out on a limb and guess it’s money related.

TMZ is reporting that GZ showed up at the former home that he and Shellie rented from her parents with his new girlfriend in tow. Maybe that got things going? We don’t know and don’t really even care. We just wonder if we would have been spared going to jail had any of the rest of us allegedly been wielding a gun in such a way. Food for thought.

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