Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter John Legend plays well with others. In addition to his numerous solo hits, the Ohio native has been spreading his vocals across the hip-hop landscape for over a decade completing some great collaborations.

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With his fourth studio album “Love In The Future” in stores now, we felt it was right to take a look back at some good songs he helped make  great.

Dilated Peoples, “This Way” from “Neighborhood Watch” (2004)

Produced by Kanye West

You can file his uncredited contribution to this cut by Dilated Peoples under “paying dues”. While the chorus is handled by a collective, Legend comes in at the end to bring the entire song into church with his signature wails and he even makes a cameo in the video.

Slum Village, “Selfish” from “Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)” (2004)

Produced by Kanye West

In 2004, Legend was just beginning to get his name out there. While he had sung on plenty of Kanye West productions before Slum Village’s hit single, this was probably the first time audiences committed his name to memory. The hook was too infectious not to wonder who sang it. See, just reading this has you humming the melody.

Common, “They Say” from “Be” (2005)

Produced by Kanye West

John Legend helped Common secure his first classic album as he crooned over the keys from Ahmad Jamal’s “Ghetto Child” to lay the smack down on gossip mongers.

Common & Bilal, “Faithful” from “Be” (2005)

Produced by Kanye West

When Common returned to the music he became famous for in 2005, he brought along his G.O.O.D. Music comrade John Legend. After recruiting Bilal, Common and John Legend wonder about how life would be different if God were a woman in human form. The verses Common spits are great, as usual. However, the best part of the song comes at the end when Legend’s gruff vocals blend seamlessly with the smooth falsetto of Bilal. That outro made me want to lay down the pimping and step my love game up. Sidebar: if you know John Legend’s songs, you should know where that last sentence came from.

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