Drake was born in 1986 but hearing some of his songs it seems that he wishes her were born in another era.  The OVO CEO never misses an opportunity to reach back into his time capsule for inspiration, the most recent being his cut “Wu-Tang Forever” from his upcoming album, “Nothing Was The Same.”

While on the surface this is the least Wu-Tang sounding record ever, you have to appreciate Drake’s willingness to reference his predecessors.  If some kid stumbles onto Wu-Tang’s “It’s Yourz” in between sips of Moscato while getting Aaliyah tattooed on their ankles we can’t really be that mad.

Ironically, while the name of the new album implies things are changing, Drake has been pretty consistent with this recycling of songs and themes of yesteryear. Here are five that you may or may not know.

5) “Ignant Shit” f/ Lil Wayne from “So Far Gone” (2009)

Produced by Just Blaze and Eric Hudson

On this flip of Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel’s two-man heist, Drake reminds us that when he isn’t exfoliating with the tears of a Care Bear he will flip the script and have sex with seven virgin Klingons at the same time and not call them in the morning.

4) “Under Ground Kings”from “Take Care”(2011)

Like the Wu-Tang track, this only minimally references Bun B and Pimp C and is more of a tribute to his boss Weezy as he raps, “When me and my crew was all about this rapper from New Orleans singing “walking like a man, finger on the trigger I got money in my pocket, I’m a uptown n*gga, ah” which was Lil Wayne’s contribution to Birdman’s “Neck Of The Woods.” This is how you get your picture on that Employee Of The Month wall boys and girls.

3) “I Get Lonely 2” (2010)

This track draws from the title track to TLC’s “Fanmail” to assure another nameless object of his affection that he lays in bed spooning his pillow watching the ceiling fan spin just like she does. This is the song that memes are made of.

2).  “Jodeci Freestyle” (2013)

In a 2010 interview with, Drake’s producer 40 admitted that “My favorite shit is Jodeci” when talking about influences for his sound and illustrated the point on Drake’s lead-up named after the mad band. The dreamy instrumentation is punctuated by Drake’s boast “Oh well, bitches paint OVO on their toenails/And show up at the show, the afterparty, and the hotel/That five star in your city, they know where we at/I hit the lobby, women’s screaming like Jodeci’s back, n*gga.”

1)'”Practice” from “Take Care” (2011)

Drake employs some Cash Money Karaoke to flip Juvenile’s libidinous ode to big booty women everywhere, “Back That Ass Up” into one of his signature slow motion love letters to a nameless constituent of the clear heeled cartel.  But Juvie was more than happy to get the shout out.

“Somebody’s finally showing me some props and showing my impact on the game,” Juvenile told “It’s a blessing. One of the biggest stars in the game remixed my song. How many people can say that?”

Evidently, everyone else on this list. Salute.

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