Today is not a great day for the men of the Kardashian women! TMZ is reporting that the same L.A. City Attorney’s office that charged Kanye with battery and attempted theft also popped Lamar Odom for DUI on the exact same day!

Lamar was arrested August 30th at 3:25 AM on the 101 Freeway after cops saw him driving too slow.  He flunked several field sobriety tests and was then taken to jail. He refused to submit to a blood alcohol test. Because he refused to take the test Lamar will have his driver’s license suspended for 1 year.

Odom will be arraigned on Sept. 27th.

Wow! We’ll definitely be waiting to see how this plays out! We wonder if Kanye and Lamar could ask to be arraigned at the same time. That way the Kardashian Family could get it all over with at once. Just saying.

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