Well, it looks like Gucci Mane may be mentally unhinged, but he isn’t in the mall fighting random people the way we initially thought. When we first reported about Gucci Mane fighting a man in the mall, we all assumed it was a random person. It wasn’t.

The man in the fight video is known around Atlanta as Show and he’s an up-and-coming rapper. According to Show, he and Gucci have had beef for a long time and the video we saw only showed half of the altercation. Show explained that thew beef was a lot more personal than people think.

“I do want the world to know that Gucci is a very, very disrespectful brother. This goes back to when my wife was working for DA Gucci grabbed my wife’s behind,” Show offered. “I saw him at the Lenox Mall and I was selling my CDs and I walked up to Gucci and said what’s up Gucci, with the cd in his face, and the first thing he said when he recognized me was, ‘Make a move man. Throw your hands!'”

Show went on to further recount the incident with, “That’s the first thing that came out Gucci’s mouth. So I said hey Gucci I’m not here to fight. Then he said I don’t do pictures. I said I ain’t ask you for not picture cuz and then he said I’m not no homosexual! I like women! I said hold on Gucci you ain’t got to disrespect me and then he said well throw your hands!”

It was later revealed that the woman holding the baby trying to break up the altercation was Show’s wife. She was holding their eight-month-old baby.

Check out Show’s interview below.



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