Now what now? Jaden Smith told the who to do what? No we don’t believe he told his nearly 5 million twitter followers it was cool to drop out of school. Except for the fact that  he did! Take a look below!



Check out the full story in the video below!


Gee it must be nice to have parents who are MEGA RICH former child stars that are now running the entertainment industry! You can afford to drop out of school whenever you feel like it. However, the rest of society needs school because they don’t have the same advantages as do you.

We know Will and Jada parent differently from everyone else and that’s their right…but could they help out every other parent on Planet Earth and speak to their son over there? Teach him his history and how African Americans were not even allowed to learn in the United States and why this message is WRONG for every other kids but Jaden.

[Editor’s Note: Calls To Hillman University were not returned]


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