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4) Skyler messing up everything, then methodically putting it back together on her own terms: Skyler White is a character that has divided fans for years–she’s got the naggy housewife routine down. But unlike the portrayal of many suburban women, when ish gets tough she doesn’t just lean back and watch from the sidelines; she’s trying to call the shots while toting a baby in her arms. We know that all she really wants is to keep her family together, despite the fact it slowly fell apart. But you can’t hate on her for trying. She’s got that gangsta swag that sometimes even startles Walter. And that’s saying something.

3)  Walter White running around in Tighty Whities for no reason at all: One of the most brilliant reasons why Walter White is such an amazing character to watch is that he’s so ordinary, seemingly so normal yet can easily slip in and out of the role of a menacing psychopath. One minute he’s taking out one of Gus’s prime players (Jonathan Banks’s Mike). The next minute he’s hosting a family cookout, or running around like this:

Or doing whatever it is he’s doing here:

2) How it tricked us into caring about a reborn psychopath: “Breaking Bad” was one of the few shows in recent years where we watched a likable, morally upright character transform into a supervillain right before our eyes. It seamlessly blurs the lines between good and bad without choosing any one side over the other.

1) Todd rolling up on folks not giving a f*^k: On a show filled with villains and antiheroes, Todd, the cherubic-faced ride or die dude, may be the most insane. He is the type that would put a bullet in your head without giving it a second thought, then gently lay your lifeless body in the ground and stick a dandelion on your grave. Despite what seems like genuine compassion for others, he’s never what you expect him to be, which makes us want to always keep one eye on him.


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