Is 50 cent trying to start beef with Drake? We’re not sure but we do know that 50 thinks Drake’s buzz isn’t like the buzz he had when he was first starting out. reports:

“I didn’t hear that, I don’t think you can accomplish that right now,” Fif told XXL about his popularity in the pre-Shady days. “Not without finance. I hear his record on the radio. He got a good buzz, I hear him. Shit, it wasn’t possible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming. You know mine’s was completely organic.“ [Watch Below]

In fact, Fif believes that Drake is getting a push from the music industry, something he did not receive when he was unsigned. “When you hear a song on the radio it means it’s being worked,” he explained. “Ain’t nothing there just because, enough for it to be playing every hour on the hour. That song is being worked like he’s on a label. You know I’m sure Sylvia Rhone or Universal — they’re spending money to get the record played. They got the public feeling like its just happening.”

Watch the video below:

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