Wow! We just stumbled upon one of the most amazing new stories that no one managed to hear about last week! According to Hollywood Live and “The Wendy Williams Show” Drizzy and Breezy are once again Homeboys Fo Life!

We know you are all jumping out of your seats to cheer, shout and kick up your heels (We say very sarcastically) but simmer down a little so that you can check out the story in the video below!

If this is true then NO ONE and we mean NO ONE could be more happy than we are! Why you ask…because we NEVER have to write about it again! Hip Hop Hooray! We pray it’s true and if it is…thanks fellas for coming to your senses! We aren’t going to say bros before anything else but…c’mon!  You know a friendship is worth much more than what you guys put your homieship through. So congrats and please make it last this time!

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