When it comes to NY rap it doesn’t get more authentic than Jadakiss. As a member of The Lox and D-Block the Yonkers MC has set the standard for gutter, asphalt flavored lyricism since the late 1990s. With his city under siege of late with internal battles, verbal claims to the throne and appropriation of iconic figures like The Notorious B.I.G, we felt it was only right to get his take on what is happening in his backyard.

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“That should be everybody’s mindset,” he says of Kendrick Lamar’s boast on “Control” that he was “The King Of New York,” but insisted that people have been running with only half of the verse. “Before he said ‘I’m the King of New York’ he said ‘I’m the son of Makaveli.’ So he was making a comparison of representing Big and Pac, but people just let that Makaveli line slip.”

Kiss explained that he didn’t record a response to the verse because it wasn’t directed at him and he also wasn’t going to play into the politics of radio.

“They would be quick to jump on a Kendrick Lamar diss but you wouldn’t play a regular song if I gave it to you on a random Thursday,” he counters.

Kendrick is not the only person of late to bring up Biggie and Pac’s names to invoke a response from the masses. DJ Khaled recently released a track called “I Feel Like Pac/I Feel like Biggie” featuring Kiss’s old boss Puff Daddy that former Bad Boy Ma$e said he wasn’t feeling.

Watch our exclusive video to see what Jadakiss thinks and about Kendrick Lamar,  the Khaled track and Biggie and Pac’s legacy in Hip-Hop.

Stay tuned for a special edition of “Main Stage” where Kiss performs and discusses his classic,”Why.”

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