Okay we are so confused by what we just saw! We were under the impression that Tameka Raymond was going back to court to fight Usher over her babies. We thought she was supposed to be mad at him because he was supposedly doing a poor job of parenting and leaving her out of their lives.

So if that is true, then why on planet Earth did she allegedly post the picture that we just saw on social media? A judge would see that and think something must be off with her case!

Check it out in the video below.

Again, if she really is back in court with Usher then that was not a good look. You can’t say you’re upset with him and he’s a deadbeat one minute and then have pics like that with words like “scrump” written on it the next! He does look hot in the pic though…but we digress! Tameka if you ever get the urge to do that again girl…turn off and unplug all your computers, tablets and phones! When in doubt log on out!


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