Some moments drew laughs while others were just crass, but these were some of the most awkward moments from the 2009 BET Awards.

5) OG Don Cornelius Is Left Hanging

Proof positive that BET needs to step their teleprompter game up. Presenter Don Cornelius was left to ramble between pregnant pauses to the point where even one of the O’Jay’s joked that “Don, is still talking…”

4) Kerry Hilson is a hero to most…

Keri must have thought Mike’s ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley was in the audience because the end of her set looked more like an Elvis tribute than anything else.

3) Ving Rames Draws Guns & Butter

While Tyrese and Taraji P Henson drew a good laugh imitating their characters from Baby Boy, co-star Ving Rhames took it one step too far stating that “Michael Jackson is guns and butter is these other punk a$$ award shows” referring to his “Guns and Butter” speech. Yes, Mike appreciates in value, we get it, but the execution and timing were just bad.

2) Young Money & The Young Girls

As if Drake sitting on a stool wasn’t weird enough (he was reportedly nursing a torn ACL) the inclusion of these pre-teen girls as the backdrop to the raunchy, “Every Girl” was not a good look.

BET AWARDS: Young Money Performs “Every Girl”

1) Eddie Levert tests the censors

In the middle of his acceptance speech for the O’Jay’s Lifetime Achievement Award, Eddie Levert began reminiscing about Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” video shoot. His trip down memory lane took a slight detour into the gutter but he recovered in style.

“Snow was blowing, wind was blowing and people was dancing and sh*t…” The censors were asleep at the wheel and the faux pas made the air. After catching himself he recovered with the admission, “My name is Eddie…this is what I do.”

Did we miss any? You know there were more!

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