Since the release of TLC’s biopic this past week. I’m sure every artist who has had a bit of relevancy in their time will jump on board of the, we-want-to-tell-our-story-too, bandwagon.

And we all know in the world of media and entertainment, when something is a hit, trends are started. So don’t  be surprised if in 2014 you see an influx of biopics being released. So to save some time here are some artists we don’t want releasing biopics.

Mobb Deep

One of hip-hop’s more legendary groups from the ’90s would have made a great biopic. Seeing almost four decades of hip-hop, the group has its share of stories but around the time Prodigy went to jail things, became sour with group member Havoc. And it seemed the two starting distancing themselves when Havoc aired out his personal issues with Prodigy on Twitter. Both Havoc and Prodigy both claim they are now on good terms but some may think it’s for publicity. The two may have tarnished they legacy with the spat. If they were to do a biopic they probably would be on the same page so who knows if the movie would be accurate, since they both have their own view on things.

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