Urban model and reality television personality Draya Michele is using her Twitter for good. Draya started tweeting out sex advice. Before you start with the groupie jokes, she was tweeting safe sex advice. Draya said she knows she has a lot of young and impressionable girls following her so she just wanted to tell them to always have sex with a condom and that “10 minutes is not worth it.” (Ten minutes, though?)


Draya also told young girls to stop sleeping with their ex after they’ve called it quits on the relationship front. After dropping those pearls of wisdom on the ladies, Draya turned her sights to the men who follow her. She told them that just because they wear a condom three times throughout an entire relationship doesn’t mean you won’t catch whatever STD she already may have. considering how Twitter uses the model as a punching bag on most days that end with ‘y,’ it’s rather surprising nobody said anything remotely negative about this. this must mean Draya and Twitter are growing up, right? Well, wel’l see.

Check the tweets out below.


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