R&B bad boy Chris Brown is no stranger to trouble. He was recently shipped off to rehab for anger management after getting arrested for a fight in Washington, D.C. However, it seems as though a secret service agent could be the reason Chris Brown is allowed to walk free.


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According to official documents, a witness to the Brown altercation heard the alleged victim tell a cop that Breezy never laid a hand on him. The cop referenced in the report later said he never spoke to the alleged victim. Here’s where things get interesting… A secret service agent got in contact with the investigating officers and explained to them the he was in the area at the time and heard the victim tell the officer that Brown never hit him.

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If proven true, this could help Chris Brown immensely because the Secret Service agent could testify in court on the behalf of Breezy and, in doing so, would paint the alleged victim in a negative light, or  better yet, force the prosecution to drop the misdemeanor assault charges entirely.  Another plus to this recent revelation is this could stop a judge from revoking Brown’s probation in the Rihanna assault case. If Brown’s probation is revoked, he could go to prison for four years.

The plot continues to thicken.



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