Despite getting the minimum fine for his violent outburst with a faculty member at Prime Prep Academy last month, NFL Hall of Famer Deion Sanders is still seeking justice.


According to court documents, Sanders was hit with a Class C citation for his assault on Kevin Jefferson, a Prime Prep official, during a very intense staff meeting. Jefferson says he and Sanders got into a screaming match and things turned violent when the former Dallas Cowboy grabbed Jefferson by the collar and slammed him up against the wall. Jefferson told the police his back was injured during the attack. However, Deion Sanders maintains he never put his hands on Jefferson and that Jefferson is money hungry.

Legally, Deion Sanders has two different options when it comes to the situation. Sanders can either pay the $500 fine that comes with the Class C citation or he can fight the case. Sanders has chosen to fight the case. Deion Sanders said, “I’m glad to go to court with several teachers who witnessed the non-assault.” He then added, “I wish Mr. Jefferson well in his paper chase. I will continue to support our teachers, students and parents to ensure academic and personal success at Prime Prep.”

Call me crazy, but I don’t think Deion Sanders giving statements as snarky as the one above will help his case. Then again, I’m no lawyer.



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